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Justin Beiber facts:-

Became famous: 2008

Origin: Ontario, Canada

Members: solo artist

Genre: pop

Albums released: My world (2009), my world 2.0 (2010), never say never (2011), under the mistletoe (2011), and believe (2012). He also released an acoustic versions for the ‘’my world’’ and ‘’believe’’ albums.

Awards: BET awards (2010.2012), Billboard awards (2011, 2012), CMT awards (2011), and MTV awards (2011).

Interesting facts: Justin Beiber is mentioned 60 times per second on popular social networking site Twitter.

Review of previous tour

Not only did Justin amaze all his fans with his outstanding flying entrance, but he was smiling during all his shows which proved that he was happy to be there as much as his fans are no matter how exhausted he was from all the touring. Thousands of screaming fans were present in every concert where many of them were singing their lungs out and dancing every step of the way with the singer. Justin Beiber had a space theme for this tour and he made sure this was implemented in his creative outfits and stunning visual displays. Vocally, he shined in every song especially when it came to performing his acoustic songs such as ‘’fall’’ and ‘’one time’’. He also amazed fans when he played different clips of him before his career took off. Some of these clips showed him basking in the streets of Stratford, Canada and this just proved how humble the singer was. When he was asked in a radio interview after his tour was over why he played these clips, he replied that he plays them because he wants to prove to his fans that he is the reason why he reached to this level and that he will never forget them. Another great aspect of the tour was his opening act Carly Rae, who is also from Canada. He also surprised fans during his Los Angeles concert when Jaden smith, son of actor Will Smith, jumped on stage and started performing with Justin. Justin ended all his concerts with his record breaking song ‘’Baby’’. All the concerts lasted for around ninety minutes and when they ended, you will be overwhelmed with the reactions of the audience as most of them described this experience as fascinating’, the best time they have had in their life and most of them explained that it was even better than they expected.


Jeremy Beiber and Patricia Mallette would probably call you crazy if you told them their baby boy, born on March 1, 1994 was destined to be a worldwide phenomenon. He was brought into this world in St. Joseph’s Hospital, London, Ontario and was raised by his mother, grandmother and her partner in Stanford, Ontario, Canada. She noticed how special when he was young especially when she saw him teach himself how to play various musical instruments like the piano, drums and guitar. This she decided to enter him in a talent competition in Stanford and taped the whole thing. She then posted the videos online and the world took notice of this young talent. Justin also started posting videos on YouTube where he gained popularity and started having a fan base in the online world.

He was then discovered in 2008, at the age of 14, by talent manager Scooter Braun. Scooter saw one of his YouTube video’s and immediately arranged a meeting with entertainer Usher Raymond. Not long after that, Bieber was finally signed. His first EP album was certified platinum in the United States and all seven songs ended up in the Billboard Hot 100. No other debuting artist has been able to equal, let alone surpass, this amount of success. For Justin however, this was only the very start of his journey to current day superstardom. He then created a documentary for his record breaking ‘’never say never’’ and millions of fans from all over the world rushed to theatres to watch it. The documentary alone ended up making $75 million in box offices around the world. He has also appeared in TV shows such as Saturday Night live and has already been assigned in a role for a special CSI episode.

Albums and songs

My World 2.0 was his first album which was released in March 2010.His album earned a good repute and name in various countries and was ranked on number one in many countries. After this first successful album a hit song was released “Baby.” His another album was released in 2011 which was “Under the Mistletoe” which was again an outstanding work of his and was ranked on first position on the Billboard 200.Then the next year in 2012 he came up with his another album which was his third album named “Believe” which was even listed on the first position on Billboard 200.Beiber has sold around 15 million albums.

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