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Atlanta Hawks

A Brief History:

The Atlanta Hawks are the professional basketball team in Atlanta. In the NBA, they play as one of the members of the Eastern Conference.

In 1946, Buffalo Bisons were established. They were a part of the National Basketball League. In their first season, after the team had played the first 13 games, they left the place for Moline, Illinois. They were known as the Tri-Cities Blackhawks at that time. When the National Basketball League merged with the Basketball Association of America into NBA in 1949, the Tri-Cities Blackhawks joined the NBA. Two years later, they left Moline and moved to Milwaukee where they dropped the "Tri-Cities Black" part of their name and were known as "Hawks" only. Again, after 4 years in 1955, they moved to St. Louis and it was in St. Louis that they won their first and up till now, the only NBA Championship. It was in 1958. For 13 years, they played in St. Louis and they came to Atlanta where they have been playing up till now.

The Sacramento Kings have the longest run of not having won an NBA title in many years. The second longest run belongs to the Hawks as they have not won any NBA title in the past 54 years. All appearances that the Hawks have made in the NBA finals were when they were in St. Louis. In 1967, they eliminated the first round bytes and ever since that, the Hawks never got past the second round. They have such poor history because they never got the drafts that they should have got. Most of the time, shining players got traded and this led the team to its current state.

Past Achievements of the Team:

Atlanta Hawks do not have any major achievements in their record. However, anything that they have achieved in their past is listed below:

The Hawks have won one championship in their entire history. This title came in 1958.
The title is the NBA that is the National Basketball Association. This is one of the major titles of the game. It is played following a format 2-3-2. The Hawks are lucky to win this title because it is not an easy competition to win.

Conference Titles (Four):

The Hawks have won four conference titles. They secured the first title in 1957. The second title came in the next year whereas the third and fourth came one after the other in 1960 and 1961.

Division Titles (Four):

Like four Conference Titles, the Hawks have won four Division Titles as well. The first was in 1970 and the second came 10 years after that. They got their third title in 1987 and fourth, which was the last one, came in 1994. This can be regarded as a good achievement. But the team has not been able to achieve something great that can make its position more strong in the game.

Their Game Today:

Although the Hawks do not have any remarkable achievement in their past years but now they are improving themselves. The team is getting better. In the future rankings they have moved five places up. If they get the required drafts this time the team might be able to show a serious upset in the coming seasons.

Currently the Hawks are playing their home games at the Philips Arena, Atlanta. It is an indoor arena. Its construction started in 1997 and it was opened in 1999. When Hawks are not playing here, it is used for other sports as well. 

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