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Boston Celtics

A Brief History and Introduction:

The Boston Celtics is a Boston, MA based basketball team founded in 1946. Currently the Boston Basketball Partners LLC owns the Boston Celtics. They are part of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and play in the Eastern Conference’s Atlantic Division. It is one of those teams that have been able to stay after the first ten years of the formation of the league

For 12 years starting from 1957, the Celtics kept winning championship after championship. In just thirteen years they were able to win 11 championships. These included the eight championships that they had won consecutively in a row which is the longest streak from any sports team of North America. For at least 20 years, the Celtics remained in the dominant position in the league. They had NBA Hall of Fame players like Bill Russell, Larry Bird and John Havlicek that led the team to its success. At one time, the team had to face some serious problems as a freshly drafted player, Len Bias, died just two days after he was drafted. Another tragedy occurred with the demise of Reggie Lewis, who was a great player and was still in his prime.

During and after the 1980s, the team lost its dominance as well as its prominence in the league. However, during the 2007-2008 season the Celtics began to regain the glory of the past. During this season, the team formed a new Big Three trifecta and advanced to the NBA Finals, defeating the Los Angeles Lakers and winning the NBA Championship title for the season. In the Finals, the Celtics and Lakers have faced each other on 12 occasions which is a record.

Past Achievements:

The Boston Celtics are one of the best teams in the world and have won many notable titles. Their past achievements are described below:


The Boston Celtics have won a total of 17 Championships in their career. They won their first championship in 1957 and their most recent championship was in 2008. This is something unbelievable, but Boston Celtics have shown us that this can happen by achieving it. The numeral 17 is great for the team. They have won 17 championships in their span which is remarkably well done.

Conference Titles:

The Boston Celtics have won 21 Conference Titles in the past. Their first ever Conference Title came in 1957, the same year in which they won their first championship. The most recent Conference Title was in 2010. The fans of the team were very glad to find out that the team has won two championships in the same year.

Division Titles:

The total number of Division titles won by Boston Celtics is 21. They won the first Division Title in 1972 and the last one was in 2012.

Overall the team as great record of its achievements and has maintained its position throughout the years. This is regarded as true achievement that is not to lose the previous place.

The Team Today:

The NBA has over two dozen teams across Northern America. The Boston Celtics are amongst the greatest basketball franchise teams in professional basketball history. They have won multiple regional and national championships and have made the NBA a far more interesting league with their presence. Stars of the Celtics have included some of the greatest players of all time including but not limited to Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen.

The Celtics currently play their home games at the TD Garden Arena in Massachusetts. The total area of the field is 70,100 m2 and has the capacity to hold more than 18,000 people.

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