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Chicago Illinois based professional ice hockey team named Chicago Blackhawks is the original team of National Hockey League (NHL) along with five more original teams including New York Rangers, Montreal Canadeins, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins and Detroit Red Wings. Founded in 1926, Black Hawks started playing since 1926-1927 season. For sixty five years, the venue of Chicago Blackhawks was Chicago Stadium and United Center is the home rink of the club since 1994.


The team was founded in 1926 and used to be recognized as Black Hawks before 1986. Chicago Blackhawks was owned by Chicago Coffee Tycoon Frederic McLaughlin until 1944. The team was named Blackhawks by McLaughlin in the honor of military unit. He was a commander during world war in a division with the nickname Blackhawk Division based on the name of the most prominent person in history of Illinois who was Native American of Sauk Nation. This team uses Native American as icon that’s why in the beginning it was pronounced as two words Black and Hawks but in 1986 the club officially gained the name Blackhawks. These spellings were available in the documents of the original franchise.

Contribution of McLaughlin

The interesting fact about the club is that it was owned by the person Frederic McLaughlin who has no background in sports and contributed a lot in running the team effectively. He appointed former goaltender Bill Tobin as his assistant. Under the supervision of McLaughlin, Blackhawks was the first NHL club with an all American born lineup and the team won two Stanley Cup titles under his ownership. The original version of the logo of the team was designed by McLaughlin’s wife Irene Castle. The Logo features head of black and white native in the circle. Till today, it has passed through several changes.


After the death of McLaughlin in 1944, the team club was owned by Norris family. James D. Norris started to take interest in the team as the owner and led the team to secure a Stanley Cup title in 1961. Wirtz Family owned the franchise in1966 after the death of James D. Norris. The team regained its lost reputation and fan interest when it came under the ownership of Rocky Wirtz in 2007.

Fight Song

‘Here Come the Hawks!’ is the introduction of the club and official fight song penned by the fan of Blackhawks, J. Swayzee. Ministry and Conspirators gifted a song to the team in 2007 named ‘Keys to The City’. Whenever the team makes goal and wins, ‘Chelsea Dagger’ by The Fratellis is played.


Chicago Blackhawks has won various records and awards both as a team as well as individually. The team has won the Eastern Conference two times and Western Conference six times. Team has won the President’s trophy and league championship Stanley Cup five times. Prince of Wales Trophy was also secured by the team twice.

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