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Chicago Bulls

A Brief History and Introduction of Team:

The Chicago Bulls is a professional basketball team based in Chicago, Il. It is a member of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Eastern Conference and play in the Central Division.

The Chicago Bulls team formed in 1966. They are an amazing team and have some great records. They are particularly known for winning six championships in eight years starting from 1991 to 1998. This includes two “back-to-back-to-back” championship victories. Michael Jordan was the captain of all six championship teams and legendary NBA coach Phil Jackson led the team in these outstanding victories.

The Chicago Bulls were enjoying a great time during the 1995-96 season when they won a record, 72 games. This makes them the only team in the NBA to ever win more than 70 games in a single season. The 1996 Bulls were so great that they are still considered the greatest team in basketball history. In 2012, Forbes ranked the Bulls as the third most valuable franchise in all games with an estimated total worth of $800 million and an income of $34.2 million.

Past Achievements:

The Chicago Bulls have a very impressive record of game play as well as top spending. They have many notable achievements detailed in the list provided below.


The Bulls most impressive statistic is the six championships won in the 1990s. The 1990s success vaulted them to the distinction of one of the greatest teams in basketball history. They won the first three of six championships in consecutive seasons from 1991 – 1993; winning the second back-to-back-to-back championships from 1996 to 1998.

This can be regarded as one of the greatest achievement of any team to win the championship 3 times in a row. The record is unbeatable till now.

Conference Titles:

The Bulls have won six Eastern Conference titles; the first in 1991. Corresponding to the years in which they won the championships, they won the Eastern Conference Title as well.

It will be unfair not to give credit to the players. The list for the records made by the players is given below.

Scoring average, points per game, career

Points per game  Player  Points Games played 
31.5 Michael Jordan 29,227 930
21.4 Jalen Rose 2,742 128
21.3  Bob Love 12,623 578
20.6 Chet Walker  9,788 474

Divisional Titles:

The team has won a total of nine Division titles. These include a Midwest title won in 1975 and eight Central Titles. The first Central Title was won in 1991 and the most recent title was achieved in 2012.

The Team Today:

The Bulls have always remained one of the most talented and hardworking teams in league history. If you have not witnessed a Bull’s game, you should not call yourself a basketball fan.

The Bulls are currently playing their home games at the United Center in Chicago and it is definitely one of the greatest arenas in NBA. It gives a good view of the game from most of the seats so there are no serious problems with the views. The arena also provides great variety of drinks and food options to keep the fans accompanied with snacks during the game and they are all offered at reasonable and affordable prices.

The cost of seat tickets is a bit costly. But considering the fact that you are actually talking about the event of the Chicago Bulls, the tickets are totally worth it. Some of the best Bulls in history are Michael Jordon, Sloan, Van Lier etc.

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