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Cleveland Indians


The Cleveland Indians are the professional baseball team based in Cleveland, Ohio. They are also a member of the Central Division of Major League Baseball (MLB) of the American League (AL). Since 1994, they have been playing in the Progressive field. The spring training facility of the team is at the Goodyear Ballpark in Goodyear Arizona. As the Major League franchise in 1901, the Indians have won 2 World Series Championships in the years 1920 and 1948.

The name of the team, Indians, was originated at the request of the owner of the club after the season of 1914. The name “Indians” was chosen in reference to the Boston Braves. Other nicknames of the Indians are “Wahoos” and “Tribe.” “Wahoos” is used in reference to their logo of Chief Wahoo. Their mascot is called Slider.

The Cleveland Indians started their journey as the Grand Rapids Rustlers. They were founded in Michigan in 1984 and they played in the Western League. When they moved to Cleveland, they were named Cleveland Lake Shores. In 1901, they were renamed Cleveland Bluebirds when the American League was declared a competing Major League.

Due to the blue uniform of the team, their name was shortened to Cleveland Blues. The players did not like their name. So, the players tried to the change the name of the team to Cleveland Bronchos in 1903, but this name didn’t catch on.

When Lajoie was made the team caption in 1903, the team was again remained. This time they got the name Cleveland Naps. When Lajoie, the Hitler of the team was gone, it brought happiness back in the team. They were renamed the Cleveland Indians.

Past achievement

The Cleveland Indians started their journey in 1900 as Lake Shores when AL was officially a Minor League. One of the 8 charter franchises of the American League, the major league incarnation of the club was founded in 1901 in Cleveland. The Indians had been playing in the League Park until they moved permanently to Cleveland Municipal Stadium in the year 1946. The team has won 7 AL central titles. When the 2013 season ended, the franchise made a record of 8930-8611.

In the Ohio cup, the Pre-Season Baseball Game, the Indians developed a rivalry with the Cincinnati Reds. They played a single-game cup in the first series. Each year, at the Cooper Stadium in Columbus Ohio, they had developed rivalry. Eight games were played in total from 1989 to 1996 and 6 of them were won by the Indians. The winner of the game was awarded with the Ohio Cup each year.

The Indians play 19 games with their American League Central Competitors each year. Because of this, the Indians have developed several rivalries. One of their major rivals in AL is the Detroit Tigers because they are fairly close to each other. They have developed Ohio state-Michigan rivalry because of the Central Championship too.

The team has seen both bad times and good times. The bad times have affected their performance always. Their performance was also influenced because of the wrong leadership. But still, the team has great potential.

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