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Detroit Lions

Brief History:

The attempts to establish a football franchise in Detroit began in 1920s but most of them were useless. However, in 1934, the Portsmouth Spartans were bought by George Richard and he moved the franchise to Detroit. Previously, the team had taken part in the most crucial games played in early 1930s i.e. they played against the Chicago Bears for the Championship and after that, the Detroit Lions were formed. The team kicked off with their superb performance in the NFL Championship and won the title in their very second year under the leadership of Dutch Clark, one of the greatest players of Detroit. The success of the team paved the path for the establishment of game in Detroit and ever since their first win, the game and the franchise has become the hot favorite of the people.

The Detroit Lions have a tradition of marking the Thanksgiving Day and this tradition started in 1934. Other teams have also tried to come up with similar ideas but no one gained the fame and success that the Detroit Lions got.

The decade of 1950s was especially good for the Lions as they won many titles in these years. They have been desperately trying to get to the top again after they won the title in 1957. However, their efforts never brought them a title again until 1983 when they won the NFC CF Championship.

Past Achievements:

The Detroit Lions have a very impressive past. They have won many League Championships, Conference Championships and Division Championships.

NFL Championships ( Four)
The Detroit Lions won their first NFL Championship one year after they came into the game in 1935. Their next three titles came in the 1950s which can be considered to be their prime time. The last title was in 1957.

Among the 32 NFL teams, Lions are ranked 9th in holding most Championships. But their Championship drought has been quite long, although not longer than Arizona Cardinals drought.

It is important to note that Lions have met their rivals Browns in the Championship a total of 4 times. Both teams had matches in the 1950s and Lions were able to emerge victorious in 3 of those matches.

Conference Championships (Four):
The Detroit Lions have won four Con>ference Championships and all of them were in 1950s. First title came in 1952 which was the NFL National and the other three came in the next five years. Last title, NFL Western was in 1957.

Division Championshis (Four):
Lions have won four Division Championships with their first one in 1935 and the last one in 1993.

Watch Their Game Today:

The Detroit Lions are one of the most impressive teams in the NFL Football. One can always expect them to give an incredible piece of game. It is always great to watch them in action especially when they are playing on their home ground in the Ford Field Stadium. The stadium was opened in 2002 and the team was able to pick some great wins in this stadium. It gave them a refreshing start and proved very good for them. The seating, the views of the stadium and the view of the Detroit Skyline from the massive giant glass wall is really impressive. In their history, the Detroit Lions had great players all the time. Jim Arnold, Terry Barr and Doak Walker are some of the most talented players the team had in the past. Calvin Johnson is one of the best active players.

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