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Detroit Red Wings


The Detroit Red Wings play ice hockey for Detroit, Michigan. They are a part of the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference of NHL. Along with teams like New York Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Chicago Blackhawks, Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens, they are part of the original six teams of the National Hockey League (NHL).

Here is the story of how the Detroit Red Wings were formed. After the 1926 Stanley Cup, the NHL held a meeting where they were considering the requests for the expansion of the franchises. Five different groups had appealed to seek a team for Detroit. The league appointed a franchise to form a team for Detroit. When the franchise was formed, they bought some players from Victoria Cougars to play for the team. They team adopted the nickname Cougars for honoring the folding of the Western Hockey League. The first season was played at the Border Cities Arena in Windsor. They won their first Stanley Cup in 1929 under the efforts of Carson Cooper. The Cougars were renamed Falcons in 1930. In 1932, James E. Norris bought the team and he changed the name of the team to Red Wings.

After they were named Red Wings, they made their first Stanley Cup appearance in 1934 against the Chicago Blackhawks but they lost the game. In 1936, they won their first ever Stanley Cup by defeating Toronto in four games.

Past achievements

They are the team who has won the most Stanley Cup titles in the USA and they ranked at number 3 to hold the most Stanley Cups in the National Hockey League championships. Joe Louis Arena is their home field where they are playing after serving 40 years in the Olympia Stadium. They even have their very own registered trademark named "HockeyTown" and they have gained thousands and thousands of fans from all over the state.

They started off well but when they were missing playoffs, they became popular with the name of Dead Wings. This was a tough time for the Wings. However, when they advanced to the conference finals, their image got better. Now, they are known as one of the most successful teams in the history of the National Hockey League. They have won the Stanley Cup four times in their six final appearances.

Team today

The Detroit Red Wings have faced a career full of ups and downs but when they have formed well, they stole the hearts of a number of fans. The players still have lots of winning potential. Ever since the team started playing ice hockey, they broke a number of records and the players won a number of awards too. The team has many honored players who have won the Hockey Hall of Fame. The players even have minor league affiliations.

When they play this year, there will be many fans from all over the USA who will watch them perform. They have a great fan base today because of their performances.

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