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Detroit Tigers

Brief History

The Detroit Tigers played for the first time in 1894 in Western League. They were often called the "Tigers" around this time and their name was derived from the Light Guard which was also called "Tigers". Western League became a major League with a new name "The American League" in 1901. This year, they defeated the Milwaukee Brewers and more than 10,000 fans were there to cheer them as they got their first major win. Ty Cobb, the veteran of the baseball, joined the Tigers in 1905 and after two years, they won the American League Pennant though they were not able not able to win the World Series. In the two decades of 1930 and 1940, Detroit Tigers were better than ever and they were even able to win the World Series which they had failed to win many times in the past. They won the Series again in 1945.

In 1961, their stadium was renamed after them and a very loyal fan base gathered around them and did not leave the team even during the riots. They were again lucky to win the title in spite of the fact that there was a lot of tension in the area. The team kept grooming and their play got better every day. In 2000, the Tigers got a new stadium called the Comerica Park and it proved to be very lucky for them.

Past Achievements:

The past achievements of the Detroit Tigers Include:

World Series Championship (Four Times):
The Detroit Tigers have won the World Series Championship four times in their history. They won the title for the first time in 1935. This victory came after many failed attempts. Their second title came right after ten years in 1945. They won the title for the third time in 1968 which was a time of great crisis. Their most recent title was in 1984.

AL Pennants (Eleven Times):
The Detroit Tigers have won the American League Pennant for eleven times. They won it for the first time in 1907. This was mainly because of the new additions to the roster in 1905. The team bought Ty Cobb along with George Mullin who were quick to produce results for the team. Tigers’ most recent victory that got them the Pennant was in 2012.

Division Titles (Five):
Tigers have won five Division titles. They won two Central Titles in 2011 and 2012 respectively and three East Division Titles.

Tigers have been quite close to winning the division numerous times. For example in 1969 even after winning 90 games, they still ended up second to Baltimore Orioles.

Wild Card Berths:
They had one wild card berth in 2006

Watch Their Game Today:

The Detroit Tigers have one of the most impressive history and they are keeping it up. They give the best in them in all games. Not only they have great players like Al Albuquerque, Jose Alwarez, Alex Avila and Joaquin Benoit but they also have one of the most impressive stadiums. Their home stadium, the Comerica Park is a great stadium for the game and it is also one of the best attractions of Detroit. There is a Mammoth Water Feature in the stadium and it can be synched with any sort of music. The viewers get to enjoy impressive views from all over the stadium and the food served there is sometimes a bit costly but really worth it.