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Houston Astros

Brief History:

The Houston Astros are in Major League Baseball. There Ball Park is the Minute Maid Park. The owner is Drayton McClane while the manager of the team is Cecil Cooper. The Houston Astros have a history of more than 50 years. They started their play in 1962 and at that time, the owner of the team was Roy Hofheinz. They adopted the name Astros in the 1965 season. At that time, they were in the category of mediocre teams.

In 1979, John McMullen took the ownership of the team in 1979 and that season can be considered the prime time of the Houston Astros. It was at that time that Nolan Ryan joined the team and the Astros were able to make the playoffs.

In the early 90s, the Astros were not giving any good performance but it was also a time of gradual improvement for the team as many good players joined the lineup. In 1999, they left the Astrodome and changed their Ball Park to the Enron Field after losing in the playoffs. They once again went to the playoffs in the next year and in 2005, they were able to make their appearance in the World Series but were not lucky enough to win against the White Sox.

After their last appearance in the playoffs, they have not returned. Some of the best players have returned and most of the players need buffing up.

Past Achievements:

The Houston Astros have been active for about 48 years. In these 48 years, there had been many ups and downs for the team. For most of the time in their history, the Astros remained in the category of very mediocre teams. They were never able to win any World Series Championships. However, they do have some remarkable achievements. The various titles that the Astros have won in the past several years include:

NL Pennants (One):

In 2004, Astros were the most favored to win the Pennant mainly because of the new additions to the roster including Andy Pettitte. But unluckily the team was not able to grab the pennant.

They won the NL Pennant for the first time in 2005.

NL Central Division Titles (Four):

Astros won the first NLCD Title in 1997 and the most recent title came in 2001.

NL West Division Titles (Two):
In 1980, they won their first NLWD Title and the last title they won was in 1986.

Wild Card Berths (Two):

Astros have received two Wild Card Berths in 2004 and 2005. Interestingly in 2005 a daily newspaper called Houston Chronicles from Texas wrote Astros off. They posted a picture of the team on a tombstone which gave out a strong statement that the team was doomed. But soon Astros proved them and the other critics wrong with a 42-17 record to get the wild card berth.

Watch Their Game Today:

The Astros are not among very promising teams in the game but they have been getting better every day. The team needs improvements in different areas and they are working on it. Since they are getting better each time they appear in a game, one can expect them to create a serious upset soon by winning the World Series Championship or by achieving some other major victory. The team always had some great players. Presently, Roy Oswalt is one of their best players. In the past, they had players like Joe Morgan, Bob Watson and Rusty Staub. For 34 years, they played at the Astrodome while their current Ball Park is the Minute Maid Park.

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