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Kansas City Royals

Brief History:

The Royals began playing in 1969 in Kansas City, Missouri. They are a member of the Central Division of the Major League Baseball. Their home stadium is the Kauffman Stadium where they have been playing since 1973. They appeared in the World Series twice and won it as well in 1985. They took their name from the livestock show that is held every year in the Kansas City, "The American Royal". Many other franchises of the Kansas City also follow the similar naming themes.

The Kansas City Royals started as an expansion franchise when Ewing Kauffman founded them. It was founded as a result the shifting of the Athletics from Kansas City to Oakland. So, the US Senator wanted a new franchise for the City and Kansas City Royals were founded.

As soon as they entered the game, they proved to be a very promising team by appearing in the 7 playoffs. They also won a World Series and a pennant in this time and won other titles as well. They had to face many challenges but they managed each time. They won the American League Championship Series against the Toronto Blue Jays. In the late 90s after 1994, the team was not able to win but only one season.

The Kansas City Royals hosted the 2012 Major League Baseball All-Star Game in 2012 at the Kauffman Stadium.

Past Achievements:

The Kansas City Royals are a relatively new franchise as it as it was established not so long ago in 1969. Since their existence they have had the following achievements:

World Series Titles (One):

Kansas City Royals have appeared in the World Series only two times and they were able to win the title once, in 1985.They played the game against Cardinals and it was a 7 game league championship. After that, they never appeared in the World Series.

American League Pennants:

The Kansas City Royals won the American League Pennants twice. They won the first pennant in 1980 and the second pennant was won in 1985. Royals were able to secure this win mainly because of their famous players George Brett and Frank White who led the team to success not only in 1985 but throughout 90s.

West Division Titles (Six):

The Royals have won six West Division Titles. They won the title for the first time in 1976. Their last title was in 1985. In the past 28 years, they have not won the title again.

Watch Their Game Today

The Kansas City Royals are a relatively new team and in their 44 years of play, they have won the World Series, though once only. They had a good start in the 2010 season but they had some downfalls and ended in the last spot, repeating what they had done six times previously in only seven years. The start of the 2011 season seemed to be promising for the team but they were not able to have any great success this time either and the same happened in 2012 as well. The team needs improvements if they want some great success. Their notable players include Bruce Chen, Francisley Bueno, Greg Holland, Brett Hayes and Lorenzo Cain. They are playing their home games at the Kauffman Stadium which is their official ballpark since they left the Municipal Stadium in 1972.

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