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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

A brief history and introduction of the team:

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are a baseball team that play a part of Major League Baseball (MLB) and are a part of the Western Division. The team is based in Anaheim and got the name ‘Angels’ from a team called ‘Los Angeles Angels’ that played earlier, from 1903 to 1957.

The Angels were established in 1961 by Gene Autry. Their induction year went so well, it finished 70-91, which is considered the best winning percentage for a new major league expansion team. The Angels gave a good performance in their first year, by finishing ahead of both the Senators and the Kansas City Athletics. Their maiden year success, can be partly credited to Steve Bilko, a first baseman who was a fan favorite at that time.

Past Achievements:

West Division Title
The Angels have won the West Division title on eight occasions. They won the first in 1979 when Jim Fregosi managed the team. The success of the title can be credited to players like Don Baylor, who also won the most valuable player award, and Rod Carew. In 2002, the Angels were favorites to win and were, indeed, very close to winning the title again, when the competition began.

In 2008 the Angels beat the Yankees to claim the seventh title.

American League Pennant
The Angels have won the American League Pennant only once in 2002. In the first 36 year establishment of the Angels, the team made it to the playoffs thrice, but never won the pennant. In 1997 when the team was owned by Disney and remained Anaheim Angels, the team soon won a Pennant under the ownership of Mike Mike Scioscia.

World Series Title
In 2002, the Angels have won the World Series title. The 1982 and 1986 seasons, were the ones where Angels were quite strong and almost reached the tournament, but fate was not on their side. The manager of the Angels, during the Disney era of 2002, was Bill Stoneman.

Team Today

The Angels play at their home stadium, affectionately named, Angel’s Stadium of Anaheim. It is a modern ballpark and has been home to the Angels since 1966. It is actually the fourth oldest stadium in Major League Baseball. Currently, the stadium has seating for around 45,000 fans.

The stadium is located at a very convenient place in Anaheim and parking is available nearby, not far from the stadium. The events are pretty exciting too, with fireworks every time the Angels hit a homerun, which is something that happens more than occasionally.

Currently the Angels are managed by Mike Scioscia. Some well-known and popular players on the team roster, that require no introduction, are Dane Rosa and John Hester.