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Los Angeles Clippers

A brief history and introduction of the team:

The Los Angeles Clippers play basketball on a professional level and are a part of the National Basketball Association (NBA). They are based in Los Angeles and are a part of the Pacific Division. The team was initially founded in 1970 and was called the Buffalo Braves. It was an expansion team and it was one of three expansion teams added to the NBA in 1970. In 1978 the Buffalo Braves moved to San Diego and soon changed their name to San Diego Clippers. After six years the team relocated again to Los Angeles and came to be known as the Los Angeles Clippers.

Throughout the history the Clippers, they never saw any significant success. People started recognizing them as losers, because they never won any titles and most compared the team with the Los Angeles Lakers who are frequently on a high roll and one of the most successful teams in the NBA. Since the 1980’s, the Lakers and Clippers have shared a very similar audience, due to which they have come to be bitter rivals. In this rivalry, the Clippers always seem like the second best team, because the Lakers have had notable success.

But in 2010, the Clippers saw some hope building up, as the team got hold of some important players, including Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. After the acquisition of such important players, the team started performing quite well and gave real tough competition to its rivals and finally won a title in 2013.

Past Achievements:

Pacific Division Title
Clippers have won the division title only once, in 2013. Clippers were able to win 109-95 over the Lakers and finally won their first division title. The record of the Clippers during the 2013 season was 56-26, which seems very impressive.

Other notable successes
Clippers have not won any Conference titles, but they usually do well on the ranking table. In the past two seasons the team has been able to rank 4th and 5th successively, while in previous seasons the team has reached as far as the third spot. Same is the case with the division title. In the past 5 seasons, Clippers have won the division title once and on other occasions have ranked in the top 4. 2013 seasons was pretty impressive as the Clippers were able to record a win success of around 70%, which is the all-time best of the Clippers.

Team Today

The home arena of the Clippers is Staples Center. It opened in 1999 and has been home to Clippers ever since. The Clippers share it with the Lakers too, which is ironic because the Lakers and Clippers are rivals. The arena has a capacity of around 19,000. The arena is quite impressive and has plenty of merchandise to offer. The food options are plausible and there is great variety too, which adds to the overall experience.

The Clippers are currently managed by Gary Sacks while the head coach of the team is Doc Rivers. Some significant and popular players in the roster are Darren Collison and Chris Paul.