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Miami Marlins


Miami Marlines are play baseball for Miami, Florida. They are also a part of the Eastern Division of the Major League Baseball. They started playing football in 1993 and initially they were called Florida Marlins. From their inauguration season till 2011, they used to play their home games at the Sun Life Stadium which was shared with the Miami Dolphins who are member of the National Football League. From 2012, they started playing at the Marlins Park. This park was designed for baseball. The name of the team was then official changed to Miami Marlines in 2011. They even changed their uniform’s color scheme and logo.

Past achievements

Miami Marlines have a successful career. They have won World Series championships each year ever since they were qualified for the post season. They have even won the National League Wild Card twice.

They even hold the distinction of having the worst record in the major league. This happened in the 1998 season. This was the season in which they lost the most games. They became the only team to lose 100 games after winning World Series. This failure made the team go through a number of changes. The manager of the team resigned and the club was even sold to a commodities trader. Again the 1999 season ended with the worst record. A new president was hired by the team who was also the general manager. Things started to improve but again the time was full of ups and downs for the team.

Eventually they started to win Division Series, then championship series and then finally they won the second World Series title in 2003. They were the last team to win the World Series championship at the Yankees stadium. After this, the team started to see good days after a very long time but gain the 2004 and 2005 seasons were not that good. In 2006, the team started to make efforts for improving its market image and hence the whole team was revived. New members were invited in the team. This was a new start in the history of Miami Marlines. Some of the cornerstone players were traded to get new and talented players in the team. This was ahuge change for the team itself but it was positive but things got better with time. However, they did not get that much success as they got in their early start.

Team today

Although the Miami Marlines had to face lots of rough seasons but they saw success too. A lot of players from the team have association with the minor league too. Many players and coaches have received awards too which include the Baseball Hall of Fame award, and Ford C Frick award. Not to mention, the team had a number of notable players who got famous due to their performance.

A lot of crowd from Florida as well as Miami has always been seen at the stadium to watch the team perform. There is no doubt that the players of the team have a lot of talent.

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