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Michigan Wolverines

A Brief History of Team:

Michigan Wolverines are the football team of the University of Michigan. They are the member of college football. The Michigan Wolverines football team has the most number of wins in the history. The team is particularly notable for its special type of helmet having a winged design, the fight song, the high attendance at their stadium and its sports rivalries against other teams.

The team started playing the college football in 1879. When the Big Ten Conference started in 1896, the Wolverines joined it. They have always remained a member of the conference except for 10 years from 1907 to 1916. Michigan Wolverines have a total of 42 league titles which include those that they won and those that they shared. From 1936 to present day, Michigan, Oklahoma and Alabama have 37 finishes and all three are tied. In their history, Michigan Wolverines have won a total of 11 national championships.

For 89 years starting from 1900, nine different coaches led the Michigan Wolverines and now, all of them have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. The first coach in this series was Fielding H. Yost. Under his supervision, the team won a total of 56 games without getting defeated once. This also includes their victory in the first college bowl game. For 21 seasons, the team was coached by Bo Schembechler. In his era, the team got many major victories. In his first ten years, Michigan and Ohio Buckeyes had a fierce rivalry. Buckeyes were coached by the mentor by Bo Schembechler and their rivalry is considered to be the most interesting and fierce ten year rivalry in sports.

About 78 players from the Michigan Wolverines got selected in College Football All-American Team. The 38th US President, Gerald Ford, was also a player of the Michigan Wolverines and in 1934, his teammates considered him to be the most valuable player.

Past Achievements:

The past achievements of the Michigan Wolverines include:
Claimed National Titles (11):
National Titles Not Claimed (5):
Conference Titles (42¬):
They are the team with the third most conference titles. Oklahoma and Nebraska are the only other 2 teams that have won more conference titles than Wolverines. Oklahoma has 44 titles whereas Nebraska has 43.
Heisman Titles (3)
Three players of the Michigan Wolverines have won Heisman Titles. The names of the players are Tom Harmon, Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson. They won the trophies in 1940, 1991 and 1997. The purpose of this trophy is to basically recognize an outstanding player.
All American Consensus (78)
78 players of the Wolverines got this opportunity.

The Team Today:

Michigan Wolverines are one of the most promising teams in the sports entertainment. Their history is full of their remarkable achievements. From the day they started playing to present day, they always present marvelous game for the fans. They have the record of having the most wins in the college football history.

Michigan Wolverines have always had great players in the team. These include players like Tom Harmon, Gerald Ford, Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson.

Presently, the Wolverines are playing their home games at the Michigan Stadium. It was constructed in 1927. It has a capacity of more than a hundred thousand people and the stadium is located in Ann Arbor.

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