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based professional basketball team started its journey in 1968 as an expansion team. As a member of the Central Division of the Eastern Conference in the National Basket association (NBA), the team is owned by former U.S. Senator Herb Kohl with the general manager John Hammond.


Though Milwaukee Bucks was an expansion team, that’s why their first season was a struggle. They had to struggle hard for gaining the success they are enjoying today. The team opened its initial season by losing to the Chicago Bulls at the Mecca. Consistent struggle led to the victory and they won the sixth game as their first victory by beating Detroit Pistons. In the first year after establishing a team, they could only win twenty six games. This record helped them in winning coin flip against Phoenix Suns for the top pick in NBA draft. Despite the team won the flip coin, the team had to win the bidding war against American Basketball Association (ABA) for its security.

The improvement in the team was seen in the 29-game which was the best in the history of league. The change of religion by Lew Alcindor, which was a big moment in the team’s history, didn’t affect his play. The team played highly anticipated matches and beat the Golden States warrior in five games. The team also received an unexpected gift when they acquired Oscar Robertson called as the ‘Big O’. The team was dethroned as champions in six games.

The team had to pass through rise and fall because of broken hand of Kareem Abdul Jabbar. His comeback in the team could not help the team escape cellar finishing. The team was again blessed with golden era of fortune when the Bucks was sold to a cable Television executive Jim Fitzgerald. The team stunned Phoenix Suns by sweeping them in two straight games. The hole in the team that had been created because of trading of Kareem Abdul Jabbar was filled at last by acquiring Bob Lanier. The team has undergone many transitions since its formation.

The team has been honored with one league title, two conference titles and thirteen division titles. With the strength and dedication of exceptional players, the team will continue to have glory days.

Notable Players

The team has always possessed some notable players that have made it win a lot of games against competitive teams. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Sidney Moncrief, Oscar Robertson, Bob Lanier, Ray Allen, Terry Cummings, Brendon Jennings, Big Dog Robinson, Michael Redd, Andrew Bogut, Vin Baker, Jon McGlockin and Toni Kukoc are some of notable players of Milwaukee Bucks that headed the team towards victories in many games.

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Milwaukee Bucks has passed through several changes in team players and heads. Watching them to play is a source of entertainment. The team plays till the end of the game and tries its best to win the game. Tickets for Milwaukee Bucks are available at reasonable cost. In order to watch their game, make sure to buy tickets.