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Minnesota Twins


The Minnesota Twins are professional baseball players who represent Minneapolis, Minnesota. They are a member of the Central Division of the MLB. The team’s name has special affiliation. It has been named after the Twin Cities area that comprises Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Minnesota Twins was originally called the Kansas City Blues as they were founded in 1894 in Kansas City. They experienced another change when they moved to Washington DC in 1901.They were called Washington Senators and even Washington Nationals. They were a part of the American League at that time. Their early days of the career were not that good. However, from 1920 to 1930, they experienced a lot of success. During this time period, a lot of players from the team won the Baseball Hall of Fame. In 1920, the owner of the team was changed. Clark Griffith became the team’s new manager.

Past achievements

They became an expansion team in 1960. The Griffith family requested to move the team to Minneapolis. This request was approved and then after the season of 1960, the team was moved to Minnesota. The team witnessed success on their doorstep as soon as they came to Minnesota. They were also eagerly greeted by the people of Minnesota. They soon started to develop a strong fan base there too. A lot of new members then joined the team. In 1965, they won the American League Pennant. Between the late 1980s and early 1990s, they again experienced another wave of success. They won their 2nd and then their 3rd World Series. The Twins have also won a lot of titles in the Central Division.

They also won three World Series titles - in 1924, 1987 and 1991. The team had already experienced a lot of changes and this has been hurting the fan base. Therefore, Griffith decided not to change the name of the team again. He wanted to name the team Twin Cities Twins but the Major League had objections with this name. He hence named the team Minnesota Twins. They were allowed to keep the name Twin Cities for their caps but only as an insignia.

The team has a lot of nicknames because they have experienced a lot of changes in their original names as well as locations. These changes even affected their uniform logos. They have also been known as the Washington Nationals, Nats, Senators and Nationals.

Team today

The Twins have produced many professional and successful players ever since its formation. Many members of the team have won awards like the Baseball Hall of Fame, Twins Hall of Fame, the Ford C. Frick award and many other minor awards. The team players are full of energy. Most of their seasons were successful but still they had to face some failures. They had worse seasons too but such failures have always been short-lived.

Every time they are to play at the home field, a lot of fans are seen in the crowd. Even their fans from their previous locations are found to be present at their games to support them.

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