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Oakland Athletics

A Brief History and Introduction of Team:

The Oakland Athletics are a professional Baseball team, based out of Oakland, CA. They are a part of the American League (AL) and they play as member of the Western Division in Major League Baseball (MLB).

Their name comes from the “Philadelphia Athletics” club and they are also referred to as “the A’s”. The Gothic letter “A” is their trademark. They are more commonly referred to as “the A’s” instead of “Athletics”. They are also called the Elephants.

The franchise was founded in Philadelphia in 1901. At the time, it was called the Philadelphia Athletics. The team was quite successful in Philadelphia and won three World Series in four years and then two more in two years. Connie Mack was the manager, as well as, the owner of the team for the first 50 years.

After 20 years there was a lot of decline for the team, prompting them to move to Kansas City and become the Kansas City Athletics. Even there, they didn’t enjoy much success and subsequently, in 1968, moved to Oakland after 13 years in Kansas City. In Oakland, they soon became a dynasty winning three World Championships in three straight years. They won the pennant as well as the World Series 1989. Since then, they have not been able to reclaim the same measure of success seen in the 1989 season, although they have been to playoffs many times. A film was also made about the A’s called “Moneyball”. “Moneyball” featured Brad Pitt and it showed how they competed and broke the records of the AL.

Past Achievements of the Team:

The Oakland Athletics have underwent periods of rise and fall in their past. However, in their prime times, they have achieved quite a bit. Their past achievements include:

World Series Titles:

They have won nine World Series titles in their past. The first title came in 1910, nine years after the team was formed. Their most recent World Series win was in 1989. Since then, they have not been able to show up at the World Series.

AL Pennants:

The team has won 15 Pennant. The first pennant they ever won was in 1902 and the most recent was in 1990.

West Division Titles:

The A’s have won 16 West Division Titles. The first one was in 1971 and the most recent was this year.

William Haridge Trophy:

The team has became American League Champion twice and won William Haridge Trophy in the years 1988 an 1990.

Wild Card Berths:

They received their only Wild Card Berth in 2001.

Other Achievements:

The different deserving players of team have won American League Most Valuable Player Award, American League Rookie of the Year Award, Catfish Hunter Award, Sportsman of the Year and Golden Glove Award.


The team has made its way in setting record among the Team Records and Season Records of the year distinctively.

The Team Today:

The team has been trying to regain its previous status. They have an impressive record from where they can always attain motivation. In all the seasons, from 2010 to date, they have never dropped below the 4th spot. It seems like very soon, they will win another World Series!

They have been playing their home games at the Oakland Coliseum ever since they moved to Oakland in 1968. It is a multi-purpose stadium. It has a capacity of 35,000 fans in case of baseball and this can be increased to almost 56,000 if required!

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