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Pittsburgh Pirates


Pittsburgh Pirates are the professional baseball club team based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that plays for the Major League Basketball. They also compete in the Central Division of National League. The home games are played at the PNC Park.

They have been playing baseball since 1876. When they started playing, they were independent. They had no affiliation with any of the organized league but the players were paid salaries and a complete business organization used to run. They joined the American Association (AA)in 1882 as the founding member. They had several home fields in lands near Allegheny River and Allegheny city were included. The team was sometimes even called "Alleghenys" in the same way a team is called the New Yorks or Bostons in the sports writing style. They became the first AA team to switch to the older National League in 1887. During this transfusion, the team also renamed itself Pittsburg Alleghenys. Allegheny was a state till it was annexed in Pittsburg. During 1907, the owner and manager of the team, Horace Philips, sold the team to Dennis McKnight, but he stayed on with the designation of manager of the team.

Past achievements

They have won fiveWorld Series championships. They are also referred to as Bucs or Buccos, which is derived from Buccaneer, meaning pirate. The Pittsburgh Pirates joined the National League in its 6th season, in 1887. The team was competitive from the very beginning. It had won three NL titles from 1901 to 1903. They played their very first world series in 1903 against Honus Wagner. During their career, they faced lots of ups and downs. The most famous win of the team was the 1960 World Series held on their home field. It was the only time that a Game seven of the World Series was ever run on home field. Along with this victory, they also won the 1971 World Series with Roberto Celmente and the 1979 World Series too. They have won fiveWorld Series and lost just two of them.

They won three straightEast Division Titles in the 90s. After the 1990s, they had to struggle for some decades. It was a consecutive 20 losing seasons, which is the longest streak yet in the history of North American professional sports. After a long struggle, they finally had a winning record in 2013, which allowed them to qualify for the National League Division series round.

Team today

Their first ever achievement was the Major League Baseball (MLB) game in 1921, played against the Philadelphia Phillies. The Pirates won the game with 8-5. The Pittsburgh Pirates are famous for some of their unique qualities too. They became the first team in the MLB to sign Indian players when they acquired Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel in 2008. Moreover, they are the first MLB team to be owned by an openly gay owner, Kevin McClatchy. History shows that one of the main rivals of the Pittsburgh Pirates has been the Philadelphia Phillies. However, it has been difficult for the Pirates to develop a true rivalry, because of a long period of failure in the career.