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San Antonio Spurs


San Antonio Spurs play basketball for San Antonio, Texas. They are also a member of the Southern Division of the Western Conference in the NBA. They are one of the 4 teams belonging to the American Basketball Association that was inducted in the NBA after the merger of ABA with NBA. They are the only ABA team to win the NBA championship. They are the second franchisee that has the highest winning percentage in the history of the NBA.

The interesting thing is that Supers are the only team in the USA that is a part of the professional sports league and they are the only team that has latest in the major league for more than 5 years. Even the former players of the team are still an active part of the community.

They started as Dallas Chaparrals in 1967 and started playing for the American Basketball Association. The second season of the team was disappointing to some extent. The interest of fans in Dallas started to fall and a time came even when the name Dallas was dropped. They were only limited to regional games. However in the 1971 season, they improved their performance and came back on track.

Past achievements

The San Antonio Spurs have played 36 games in NBA from the 1976 to 1977 season and won 19 divisional titles. They have played a number of playoffs and they have not missed any playoffs in 16 seasons. During the 2013 season, they won their 50th win season. They are also the only team in the NBA that played in regular season.

They won their first ever NBA fame against the Cinderella New York Knicks. This game was played at the Madison Square Garden. They were the first ever ABA team to reach the NBA finals. This was a great achievement for the team.

Their second championship was held in 2002- 2003 season. This was a memorable achievement because it was the last NBA game of David Robinson.

When they won their 3rd NBA, it was again a remarkable victory because a game was won after disappointing years in the career. They won their 4th championship in 2006 to 2007 season by defeating Dallas Mavericks.

Team today

Some of the major rivals of the San Antonio Spurs include Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Maverick, Houston Rockets and Phoenix Spurs. Whenever they are seen on the field competing with them, intensive rivalry has always been seen.

Overall career history of the team was good. They had ups and downs. When they got success, it was remarkable and when they failed, that failure was quite disappointing. This is evident from the history of the team where they had to face a lot of performance setbacks. On the whole, the team players are quite talented. They have the ability to turn the game and when they are performing well, they have always pleased their fans. Even though they name went down in the career once but still they have managed to build a good fan base.