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San Diego Padres


San Diego Padres play baseball in the Major League Baseball for San Diego, California. Founded in 1969, they are also a part of the National League Western Division. The inspiration for the team’s name was from the Pacific Coast League team.

Past achievements

They won the National League Title twice in the seasons of 1984 and 1998. They have also appeared for the World Series but unfortunately they lost. Along with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, they are the only teams in the Major Baseball League that have originated from California. They have won a number of achievements. Among them is that they are the only Major League Baseball team that has achieved a no-hitter.

The San Diego Padres joined the MLB in 1996 as one of the expansion teams. There were three other teams in the league and they were - Seattle Pilots, Montreal Expos and Kansas City Royals. The owner of the league is a famous businessman of the city, C. Amholt Smith, who is also the former owner of PCL Padres. The team had to struggle a lot and this was only possible with the executives of baseball. They used to finish in the last place in the NL West for the first 6 seasons. During their early years, they were just surviving. There were only a few good players in the team who had pushed the team to perform.

With time, the luck of the San Diego Padres started to get better. This was evident when they won five NL West championship titles. They even reached the World Series twice with their efforts but unfortunately they lost each time. The main player who led the team during the 80s and 90s was Tony Gwym. He made the team win the league titles.

San Diego Padres also play training games. Since 1994, they have been playing their training games at the Peoria Sports Complex located in Peoria. This stadium is shared with the Seattle Mariners. The spring training from 1969 was played at the Desert Sun Stadium in Yuma. A number of fans have always been seen gathered at Yuma to watch the team play games during spring training.

San Diego Padres are the first national sports team to organize a military appreciation event annually. This has been happening since 1996. They even started wearing a camouflage just to honor the efforts of the military.

Team today

San Diego Padres have nicknames too. They are sometimes called The Friars and The Pads, which is actually pronounced as “Pods”. The team has produced a number of players who have become a part of the minor league. They have even won a number of awards for their performance, which include the Team of Hall of Fame, the Ford C. Frick award and not forgetting the Baseball Hall of Fame. The rivalry of the team with the numbers of the Major League has always been hot. When they are with their rivals on the field, a number of fans gather to watch them perform. Despite their career being full of ups and downs, the players still seem to have a lot of potential.