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San Francisco Giants

A brief history and introduction of the team:

The San Francisco Giants are a professional baseball team in Major League Baseball. The Giants are based in San Francisco. They play in the West Division of the National League. Before the move to San Francisco they were called the New York Giants. In Manhattan, the team used to play at Polo Grounds, but after the close of the 1957 season, the team moved west. The Giants have been one of the most established teams in American Baseball. As a respected team with a great lineage, they have been able to cultivate many talented players. The Giants hold the record of having the most Hall of Famers in professional baseball.

The San Francisco Giants have been strong rivals of the Los Angeles Dodgers, with a rivalry which dates back to the times when both teams played in New York. An interesting fact about this rivalry is that both rivals moved west in the season of 1958. The success of both rivals has been a bit skewed. When the Giants and the Dodgers were in New York, the Giants won the World Series Championship on five occasions while the Dodgers only won one. After the move west, the success has actually been reversed. The Dodgers have won the World Series on five occasions in Los Angeles, while the Giants have won two Championships in San Francisco.

Past Achievements:

West Division Title
The team has won the West Division title eight times. The title won in 1997 was actually a significant one, because it was the title that the Giants won almost after a decade, and this year was considered as the rebuilding of the team.

National League Pennant
The Giants have won the National League Pennant 22 times, which is a record. Fourteen of those pennants were won as the New York Giants.

World Series Title
The Giants have won the World Series title seven times. Their number of wins is ranked second in the National League. They have actually made a record number of 19 appearances in the championship World Series.

Other Achievements

The members of team have prominently won Most Valuable Player Award, Cy Young Award, and Baseball America Rookie of the Year Award, Baseball Awards and many more. The players have also made their place distinctively in Outstanding Players, Player Choice Awards and Comeback Player Award.

Team Today

The San Francisco Giants is a well-established team that is quite popular and has a lot of fans. The team has many experienced and talented players, which improve the fan base of the team. The Giants currently play at AT&T Park. It has a capacity to hold 42,000 fans. The ballpark was built in 2000 with the help of private funds. Many experienced engineers and technicians were used to build it, making this stadium an architectural masterpiece. The ballpark has a very intimate feel and is a must watch for all baseball fans. This adds to the overall atmosphere of the stadium. The food and drinks are also very cheap at the park and are quite delicious.

The San Francisco Giants have a healthy 40 man roster, which is managed by Bruce Bochy. Some current famous players include Buster Posey and Brian Wilson.