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Seattle Mariners


Seattle Mariners play professional baseball in Seattle, Washington. They play for the Western Division of MLB. The Mariners were established was a result of a lawsuit. They played their first baseball game in 1977 against California Angels but lost to them. Their home park of the program called Kingdome before they moved to Safeco Field.

The name of the team is originated from the dominance of marineculture in Seattle. They are called the M’s and this is also included in the logo of the team from 1987 to 1992. The team mascot is Mariner Moose. The previous color of the uniform of the team was royal blue and gold but currently their new color scheme is navy blue and northwest green.

Past achievements

They did not field any wining game until 1991. They won their first ever game in 1995. It was a Divisional title won against New York Yankees. Their winning hit in Game 5 was one of the games that recorded an iconic moment in the history of the team. The team won 16 games in 2001 and they made an American league record for having the most victories in a single season. They haven’t however won any World Series championships as they haven’t appeared in World Series. Seattle Mariners is owned by Nintendo of American and it’s one of the teams in MLB that is under corporate ownership.

They even have spring training and the games during this period are played at Peoria Sports Complex located in Peoria Arizona. San Diego Padres also play games during spring training here. They have made a record of total home runs in 2013 against the Cincinnati Reds.

There was a quite interesting baseball tradition called Rally Fries started by Mike Blowers in 2007. A fan tried to catch a foul ball during the game of Mariners against the Cincinnati Reds but he spilled his tray of French fries. Blowers suggested sending a new tray of French fries to that person. An intern was sent to deliver him the tray. The fans requested to for free fries in the next game making signs and charts. Luckily, whenever fries where delivered, the team scored a rally and hence a tradition of Rally Fires was created. They have made similar other unique traditions.

Team today

The Seattle mariners did not have a really successful start and the team was not that much successful. However, the team players are full of potentials. That explains why they have received so many awards such as the Hall of Fame, Ford C Frick Award, and similar other achievements. Many of the players have made associations with the major as well as the minor league. They had a career full of ups and downs. They have still made a lot of notable records and their fan base is quite huge. The season 2013 wasn’t that great for the team but still the fans are anxious to see them play and lots of fans are expected to be present to support them when they will be playing in 2014.