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Tampa Bay Lightning


Tampa Bay Lightning is a team that plays ice hockey in Tampa, Florida. The team also plays for the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference of NHL. They are famous by the name Bolts. It is their nickname and it can also be seen on their jerseys.

Tampa Bay was formed when the NHL expanded in 1980s. Two groups which were rivals decided to bid for a franshice.one made a suggestion for forming a program based in St. Petersburg while the other suggested forming a program based on Tampa. The St. Petersburg based franchise proposal was accepted because it had a strong financing party. However, before the final bid, one of the financers backed from the bid. The second group i.e. the Tampa based group got help from a Japanese businessman. They were hence allowed an expansion franchise. They were even willing to 50 million dollars as upfront fee for the expansions so the grant went in their favor. The president as well as the general manager of the team Phil Esposito himself appointed the coach for the team and he brought many shining stars to the team. They were named Lightning as Tampa was known as NorthAmerica’s lighting capital city.

From their early start, the team got a lot of success. They were soon invited to be member of the Atlantic division of the eastern conference. The mascot of the team is a lighting bug named Thunderbug.

Past achievements

The team didn’t really get that much success later. In their whole career history, they have only won a single Stanley cup. They however qualified for the playoffs. They had their magical playoff season when they played against the Philadelphia Flyers. A lot of crowd has always been seen at their playoff games.

They have won 2 divisional titles and 1 conference title throughout their history. They won their first divisional title in the season 2002 to 2003 and the major reason of winning the title was that it was being played at their home field. They were advanced to the conference semifinals after they won 4 consecutive games in the playoffs. This was the time they pleased their fans who have been really disappointed in their performance.

Team today

Instead of giving better performance, the team went from bad to worse and this was really sad for the fans. Apart from these achievements, the team hasn’t won any other championship title. The performance of the team had been bad but the team does not have bad players after all. There has always been a flaw in the game plan of the team. But if they play with efforts and the right strategy then they can certainly win in the future games they play.

The team players have been awarded with a number of awards which is a proof that they are not such bad players after all. They can still go a long way if they follow the right direction. Still despite of their bad performances, they still have fans who love them.

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