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Toronto Blue Jays

Brief History

Toronto Blue Jays are a member of the American League Eastern Division of the Major League Baseball. They are 5th in the AL Eastern Division.

They took the name from the bird "Blue Jay" and also in Toronto; most of the professional sports franchises use blue color as their traditional color. Toronto Blue Jays were established in 1977 as an expansion franchise in Toronto. They played their home games at the Exhibition stadium for about 12 years and then they moved to their newly constructed ball park, the SkyDome in 1989. At first, the franchise was owned by the Labatt Brewing Company, but in 2000, Rogers Communications became the owner. Rogers Communication bought their ballpark as well in 2004 and renamed it to Rogers Center. They are the second Major League team which is not based in U.S.

Just like many other expansion teams, the Blue Jays had to face a lot of challenges in their starting years and most of the time they were filling the last spots in the division. First time they won a season was in 1983 which gave them the boost they needed to become the division champions in 1985. They started winning more and more games and won five more championships in only nine seasons. At the same time, they became the World Series Champions for two consecutive years. Their World Series victory gave them the distinction of being the only team that is based outside U.S. and have won a world series and they still have this distinction.

Past Achievements:

In their starting years, it was hard for the Blue Jays. Soon they found a winning season and then they became the powerhouse. What they achieved in the past years is given below:

World Series Championships (Two):
The Blue Jays won the World Series title twice and they won it back-to-back. They won the title for the first time in 1992 and won it for the second time in 1993. After that, they neither won the title nor appeared in any playoffs again.

AL Pennants (Two):
The Blue Jays have won two AL Pennants in their past. They won first AL Pennant in 1992 and the second in 1993.

East Division Titles (Five):
The Toronto Blue Jays have won five East Division Titles. They won the titles in 1985, 1989, 1991, 1992 and 1993.

William Harridge Trophy
The team became the American League Champion twice and also consecutively in 1992 and 1993 and won William Harridge Trophy.

Other Achievements:
The members of team successfully won many times Gold Glove Award, Silver Slugger Award and Hank Aoron Award for different performances. Several times the players became the Player of the Year and Pitcher of the Year.

Watch Their Game Today

When the Blue Jays first started, they were having hard times. Then, they suddenly won the World Series back-to-back for two times. Now, for the past two decades, they have not won a single major title but still, they are a very competitive team. This year, they had the longest game in their history against the Texas Rangers. The current roster of the team includes players like Mark Buehrle, J.P. Arencibia, Drew Hutchison, Mark DeRosa, Brett Cecil and Rajai Davis. Their current Ballpark is the Rogers Center which was previously called the SkyDome. Before the SkyDome, they played their home games at the Exhibition Stadium.