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Toronto Maple Leafs


Toronto Maple Leafs play ice hockey for Toronto, Ontario Canada. They play for the Atlantic Division in the Eastern Conference of the NHL. They are owned by the Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Limited.

Toronto Maple Leafs were founded in the in the year 1917. The Toronto Arena Company used to operate the team. In 1919, the ownership of the team was transferred to Toronto St, Patricks. At that time they were simply known as Toronto. Then again in 1926, the franchise was sold and this time they were named Toronto Maple leafs.

The National Hockey League was created as a result of a dispute. The members of the National Hockey Association did not want Livingstone to be a part of the club but their demand wasn’t accepted. They hence formed their own team, the National Hockey League and did not invite Livingstone. Later on the members of the club started to feel they didn’t have any team from Toronto. The Bulldogs were suspended from the club and this made the club feel the need of another team more.

Atemporary Toronto franchise was granted to the Arena Company. This franchise had no official name. The players however used to wear blue shirts so they begin to be addressed by Blueshirts and even Torontos. In the inaugural season of the NHL, the team won a Stanley cup.

It was promised that the players from Blueshirts will be returned to Living stone but the Arena Company decided to make its own team and the Blueshirtswere named Toronto Arena Hockey Club. The NHL also granted the membership to this new team.

Past achievements

Toronto Maple Leafs claim 13 Stanley cup titles. The last championship was won in the 1967 season. They are known to be the most precious team of the NHL. The current head coach of the team is Randy Carlyle. Their name changed fromToronto Arena Hockey Club to Toronto Maple Leafs when they moved to the Maple Leaf Gardens in the year 1931.

Toronto Maple Leafs has developed intense rivalries because in the 25 years of being in the original Six, they had to face the same teams. Each team had to face the other one 14 times within the same season. They have also developed playoff rivalries because of the same reason. Their rivalry with Red Wings and the Canadiens has been historic.

Team today

The team is now limited to playoffs only because of their dispute with Livingstone. They have the worst winning record in the entire NHL history. However, this is not a sign that the team is a combination of bad players. There have been certain problems in the career of the team that was responsible for bad performance. Overall, the team has really talented players which are evident from the fact that they were successful in winning their very first Stanley cup.

Over time, they have developed a large fan base due to their great performances. They are great with the playoffs. Under the best leadership, they have potentials of performing well.

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