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Utah based American basketball franchise; Utah Jazz began in 1974 as the New Orleans Jazz. Utah Jazz is a part of the Northwest Division in the Western Conference in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The nine men group headed by Fred Rosenfeld and Sam Battisone became the 18th member of the NBA in 1974. Pete Maravich became the first player in franchise history when traded from Atlanta. Utah Jazz is one of two teams in major professional sports league in Utah. Second team is professional soccer team named Real Salt Lake.

Interesting Facts

The Utah Jazz is one of three teams which have never lost sixty games in a season along with the New York Knicks and the Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers.

New Orleans is a hotbed for jazz music. Because of popularity of Jazz music the team was given the name New Orleans Jazz. Jazz is one of those things for which the New Orleans is nationally famous. Though the music was not famous in Utah, but the name kept on moving to Utah and now renowned as Utah Jazz. Other reason for giving the name Jazz to the team was its dictionary meaning “Collective Improvisation”.


The history of Utah Jazz is a tale of two cities- New Orleans and Salt Lake City. The team played its debut game in the 1974-75 season. The first major move in the team was trade of Pete Maravich from Atlanta Hawks.

Early history of the team was not good. In 1979, the team began to sink financially. On the advice of Battisone franchise moved to Utah. After losing from Portland Trailblazers, the Jazz were again beaten by the Milwaukee Bucks. The team won the first game against San Diego Clippers. In the season 1979-80, an important decision was taken to improve the team and Frank Layden was hired as the new General Manager of the team. Poor marketing and late approval of the move reduced the team’s attendance and Frank Layden was replaced for improvement. Initially, his coaching was not an improvement.

The team has gone through several positive modifications since its inception. In 1983-84 season, the team played several games in Las Vegas by making playoffs for the first time in franchise history and also won Midwest Division title.

In 1984-85 season, Mark Eaton emerged as a defensive force and also secured the NBA Defensive Players of the Year Award. After several winning, the coach Frank Layden was replaced by Jerry Sloan. Under the supervision of Jerry, the team won 51 games and Midwest Division title. The team has made plenty of major moves for the betterment of the team and this is the reason that team has secured many titles.

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In recent years the team has won several division titles and played in championships. The team has won consistently and also hosted the NBA All-Star game because of addition of players of highest caliber. One of most respected franchises of the world, Utah Jazz is the must watch. Let’s go jazz with Utah Jazz games.