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An Overview of Story:

The Sultan of Agrabah asks the Princess Jasmine to choose from one of the three visiting princes as her husband. The visiting princes are named Prince Baba, Prince Dahdu and Prince "Artist". At the arrival of the princes, the ceremony is interrupted by the ruckus caused by a thief who steals bread. In the crowd, Aladdin who is a poor street urchin suddenly finds himself being chased by the Royal Guards as he is suspected of being the thief. Taking advantage of the situation, Jasmine disguises herself and runs away from the palace. In the city, she bumps into Aladdin and finds he is also going through almost same situation. Jasmine and Aladdin develop feelings for each other. They get caught by the guards but Jasmine is set free. In the meantime, Jafar conspires to get married to princess. Aladdin is taken to an old cave where he finds the magic lamp which releases Genie. Genie turns him into Prince Ali so that he can get court princess Jasmine and marry her. On the other hand, Jafar continues to conspire against princess and he suspects that Prince Ali is an impostor.


Princess Jasmine:Princess of the City of Agrabah and daughter of Sultan.

Aladdin:A poor street urchin who finds the magic lamp in which Genie is imprisoned.

Genie:A blue character that comes out of a lamp that Aladdin finds. Genie has some magical powers and the ability to grant the wishes of the one who possesses the lamp.

Jafar:He is the royal Vizier. He is a villainous character and he is always scheming something evil.

Razoul:The captain of the guards of the palace of Agrabah. He is also one of the villainous characters of the musical.

Lago:A fictional bird like character who supports the protagonists of the musical.

Other characters of the musical include:




Traditional Shows of Aladdin:

The musical adaptation of the Aladdin was confirmed by Alan Menken in late 2010. The opening performance of the show was at the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle. It opened on 7th of July in 2011 and ran till the end of July. It was directed by Casey Nicholaw. Tuacahn Amphitheatre also played the musical in Ivins from June to October in 2012. Muny Theatre of St. Louis also had the performances of the show in July, 2012.

New Amsterdam Theatre will premiere the Broadway production in February, 2014.

Would it be Advisable for you to see it?

The story of Aladdin is one of the most popular and most told stories of all time. The musical in interesting, the plot is great, there are special magical effects and in the end, it follows a happy ending. The show is great for children as well as for grownups.

There is also Disney’s Aladdin. Here some of the most popular scenes of the story are recreated, so I would say that make your way to the next shows of the musical. Discounted Aladdin Tickets are available at TicketsMove. Make your time memorable by enjoying the live rocking performance.