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Avenue Q

An overview of the Story

The plot of Avenue Q showcases the acts of puppets. It conveys the demonstration of love, friendship, neighborhood, sex and loss of purpose. The play takes us to the Sesame Street in New York, where a fresh graduate, Princeton, is moving from Avenue A to Avenue Q. He is shifting his apartment and finds the new one in Avenue Q, which fits his budget. He is very much confused about his future, he wants to direct his life towards a certain point, but due to the lack of a job he is very much worried. This is what the play has shown, Princeton and his neighbors, however, are suffering from the same disease of being purposeless. The play shows a series of events, when all of them are confused about their direction, that have been creating panic. They come to know everything cannot be turned into their way, but it takes time to gain your aim. Meanwhile, Princeton also gets into a love affair with his neighbor Kate, who is an assistant teacher in Kindergarten. However, the relationship also suffers great conflicts as well. At the end, every one of them excels in their own destiny, Kate opens a kindergarten of her own and Princeton and Kate give their relationship another chance.


Princeton: A new graduate with a BA in English, who finds a new apartment on Avenue Q. He has confusion about the realities of life.

Kate: An assistant kindergarten teacher. She gets into an affair with Princeton.

Rod: Neighbor of Princeton and a banker who is anal retentive.

Nicky: Rod’s room mate.

Gary: Superintendent of the building where the cast resides.

Traditional Shows

The musical play Avenue Q, which features puppets, was initially a television series, but it was transformed into a stage production in 2002. In 2003, it premiered on Broadway; it was produced at the Vineyard Theatre. It ended on Broadway in 2009, achieving an incredible response in its 2,534 performances.

Is it Advisable for you to SEE IT?

The play, Avenue Q, has many things to offer all, provided in one piece. Firstly, it teaches us the principle of life that everything happens in its time, feeling purposeless and being confused will all go in vain. For a better future, you have to be determined instead of losing hope and the feeling that your life is sucking. Life won’t stop at the point where you get nervous, instead it will move on. So you have to keep moving with the pace of life with full anticipation and optimism.

This play will be advisable for teens to watch, especially the girls and boys above age 13. They will love the presentation of puppets along with the concept delivered in the play. They might try to implement it in their own lives; this will help them decide the purpose of their lives and effort to achieve it instead of being pessimistic and subjected to hopelessness. A time will come, eventually, when life will surely turn on your side. Find your favorite star performing Live jus tclick on the buy button and get the Discounted Avenue Q Tickets available at TicketsMove. A reliable and authenticated source of purchasing tickets.