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Blue Man Group

An overview:

The Organization Blue Man Group was formed in 1987. The organization produces its own theatrical productions in which the members of the group perform amazingly on the stage with great music, superb technological moves and hilarious acts that are an innovative form of entertainment and can't be put into any existing category of entertainment. Their shows are full of terrific music, outstanding technology, and unique interaction with their viewers. Their performances are innovative, entertaining and energetic.

Each time the Blue Man Group performs, it makes you feel energetic, lively and more interactive. Their spectacles are just the most groundbreaking and creative ones.


Unlike traditional theatrical performances, Blue Man Group does not have a character set. They have some performers who perform on the stage. New performers keep joining the group as the group is always looking forward to taking in talented, charismatic, energetic and dynamic performers who can bring a whole new aura to the stage.

Traditional shows of The Blue Man Group:

The Blue Man Group was formed in 1987. It was formed by three friends Wink, Goldman and Stanton. Their early performances were at the Central Park, PS 122, Dixon Palace and other such venues in Manhattan. Soon after their initial productions and performances, their popularity and audience began to grow like a snowball and soon they were receiving awards for their productions. Soon the group was performing off-Broadway. At the same time, they incorporated newly built instruments in their shows which further fueled their popularity. They performed at the Astor Place Theatre and they also made their appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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As for the show, it is simply amazing. It incorporates latest technology, best musical instruments, very hilarious performances and most innovative plots. They never fail to amaze their audience. As soon as the performance starts, it appears as if you have stepped in a portal that takes you to another world. You will really love the show and once you have watched it yourself, you will see why it is so popular and why it has worldwide fans. The blue colored theme of the show makes it even more digital looking although the performers seem to be from an era which is still very backward technologically and scientifically. The expressions they show at the sight of anything new such as a mobile phone are really hilarious and full of innocence. And the blue smudge autograph is really very cool.

The show completely enthralled the audience, which is one of the reasons of the popularity of the show. So far the shows of Blue Man Group has the themes like information overload, information pollution, DNA, Internet and many others. These all sound boring, but the Blue Man Group gives a totally different and hilarious view of these things. They pick things from our everyday life and then give it a different image with the sole purpose of humor.

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