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Jersey Boys

An overview of the story:

Jersey Boys is a musical to pay homage to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. The musical is directed by Des McAnuff and the book is by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice. Bob Crewe is the lyricist of the musical. The musical follows the documentary style. The different aspects of the Frankie Valli and Four Seasons are discussed in a dramatic manner. It shows how the group formed, how it climbed the ladder to success and what the factors were that led to its ultimate disbanding. The structure of the musical is such that the four cast members who play the roles of each member of the Four Seasons separately takes the stage and gives his own opinion regarding the various things that happened with the band. There are four seasons. Tommy DeVito is the narrator of first season. He describes the formation of the band and its growing up in early years. Bob Gaudio takes the narration in the Summer Season and defends himself against Tommy as well as discussing various other things. Fall Season is narrated by Nick Massi and he tells how careless Bob had been in building the future for the band that he has ignored many crucial and critical things related to the members of the band and the band itself. Finally, the narration goes to Frankie Valli in the Winter Season and he explains the factors that led to his solo performances and his personal matters as well. In the final scenes, Bob Crewe discusses how the group got reunited in 1999 and how it got inducted in the Hall of Fame.


Frankie Valli: The lead vocalist of Four Seasons Band.

Tommy DeVito: The guitarist of the Four Seasons who leaves the group after getting into some financial problems.

Bob Gaudio: Youngest Member of the Four Seasons. Song Writer and keyboard player.

Nick Massi: The Bassist of the Four Seasons. Helped Frankie in improving the vocals.

Bob Crewe: Producer who helps the group with recording before they were the Four Seasons.

Gyp DeCarlo: Boss of a mob. Knows Tommy well and helps the band.

Joe Pesci: An actor and a friend of Tommy.

Mary Delgado: First Wife of Frankie.

Lorraine: The girlfriend of Frankie. She is a reporter by profession.

Francine: Daughter of Frankie and Mary.

Norm Waxman: A loan shark.

Traditional shows of the Jersey Boys:

In 2004, the musical premiered at the La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego. Broadway previews began at August Wilson Theatre. In September 2013, the production will be at Beatrix Theatre in Nederlands.

Is it advisable for you to watch?

The show is very interesting as it shows the formation of Jersey Boys. The show throws light on the different aspects of the life of the members. Not only the fans of these Jersey Boys will enjoy the show, but also other people may find it interesting to watch. Children, on the other hand may lose their interest. So I would say that go without children to enjoy the whole show.

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