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Phantom of the Opera

An overview of the story:

Phantom of the Opera is a romantic musical. Phantom, an excellent music composer who wears a mask to hide his deformed face, falls in love with Christine. Christine's late father had promised her that she would receive an angel of music from him. When Phantom learned this, he started giving her music lessons and she thought of him as her Angel of Music. Sometime after that the childhood lover of Christine named Raoul comes into the picture. He is still in love with her. This makes Phantom sad and furious. He kidnaps Christine when she is performing and takes her to his secret place. When Raoul learns he comes to save her but Phantom gets the better of him and ties him up as well. Then he turns to Christine and tells her how much he loves her and asks her to make a choice between him and Raoul. He also says that if Christine chooses Raoul, she will be set free while Raoul will be killed and if she chooses him i.e. Phantom, then Raoul will be set free. Now, to see what choice she makes and how it all ends, watch it yourself.


Phantom:A disfigured music composer who wears a mask. He is, at first the protagonist and then the antagonist of the musical.

Christine:A girl who takes music lessons from Phantom. Phantom falls in love with her.

Raoul:The childhood sweetheart of Christine.

Traditional shows of The Phantom of the Opera:

The West End production of the musical premiered in London in 1986 and two years later on the Broadway. It won several awards. It has the record of being the longest running show of the Broadway and by 2012; it had been performed 10,000 times.

Would it be advisable for you to SEE IT?

Phantom of the Opera is a nice musical that revolves around romance and emotions. The tone of the musical is light. It has the element of suspense in it as well. On the whole, the musical is enjoyable and it has received a lot of applaud from the audience and the critics. It is the longest running musical as well. The happy ending makes you feel at ease so it is recommended that you watch it. You will definitely love to watch the longest running musical of the Broadway history.

watch. Children above 14 may find it interesting to watch. The disfigured face may scare the kids so keeping this in mind avoid taking the kids to the show. The musical numbers in the show make you sad. They are also composed very well. The lead role of Phantom played by Michael Crawford was acclaimed by everyone and he also won the award for best actor of the musical. So I would say that you should go with your family to enjoy this romantic and lovely musical.

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