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Romeo and Juliet Ballet

An overview of the story

The long feud between the houses in Verona continues to prevail in the generations. The two families, the Montagues and the Capulets, always fight whenever they see each other. The prince of the city decrees a punishment will be given to those who engage in fighting. While this is happening Romeo (son of the Montagues) and Juliet (daughter of the Capulets) are in search of passion.At the home of the Capulets a ball is arranged where Juliet meets with Count Paris.Romeo and his friends disguise themselves and get into the party. Romeo falls in love with her. Tybalt, who secretly loves Juliet, recognizes Romeo and tells Juliet’s parents. Romeo and Juliet come to know each other. Romeo and Juliet are in love with each other. Romeo, realizing the hopelessness of the situation, goes to Lawrence and asks him to hook up with them.He believes the union will bring the families close to each other. They both get married.

His friends Benvolio and Mercution meet him the following day and accuse him of treason.Tybalt, who does not cognize about the marriage searches for Romeo and challenges him to struggle with him, but Romeo refuses. Mercuitio takes up the challenge and gets wounded. Romeo, seeing what becomes of the altercation, gets out of control and kills Tybalt. He gets banished and Juliet, after knowing this breaks down crying. After spending their wedding night together Romeo escapes. Later, on his escape, Juliet’s parents force her to marry Paris, which she denies.She seeks the aid of Lawrence, who devises a plan to beam her to Romeo. She takes the drug that makes her appear dead. Romeo gets the incorrect message and believes his wife is dead.Believing she is dead due to the drug, Romeo commits suicide. Juliet wakes up and finding Romeo dead stabs herself.


Romeo: he is passionately in love with Juliet. He is aggressive and this is shown when he kills Tybalt.

Juliet: she really loves Romeo and tries to stay with him. She even takes the drug to go to Romeo, but the plan somehow fails and they both meet their end.

Tybalt: he is the villain and it is due to him the situation worsens.

Benvolio: he is the friend of Romeo who helps him marry.

Mercution: he is also the friend who takes up the challenge, but fails miserably.

Lawrence: he is the one who makes them unite.

Traditional shows

Many shows have been performed and each time the number of audience members increase. It is liked by everyone. Due to the ballet, the show gets appreciation.

Is it advisable for you to watch?

Due to the intimate scenes and the costumes for ballet, the show may not be appropriate for children. But the adults know the story so they can enjoy watching the ballet. The ballet is commendable and you can enjoy watching the dancers. So buy the tickets as soon as possible.

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