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An overview of the story:

The Book of Mormon is a musical about two missionaries. These missionaries are young and they are Mormon. As missionaries, they are asked to go to a very remote village in the upper area of Uganda. In that village, there is a very cruel and tyrannical warlord who keeps threatening the local population of that area. The Mormons find the dwellers of the region to be very unsocial because no one is ready to listen to them. In fact, people of that village think more about their food, health, living style and other affairs and they do not give much importance to religion. The missionaries, however, are very optimistic and they still try to preach what they can from The Book of Mormon which is one of their holy scriptures.


Elder Kevin Price: Leading character. He is a very optimistic, devoted and handsome person who is about to become a missionary.

Elder Arnold Cunningham: Classmate of Kevin Price. He is an overweight and insecure liar and always makes things up.

General Butt Fucking Naked: The brutal warlord of the area. He can be considered the antagonist.

Mafala Hitimbi: A prominent person among the villagers.

Nabulungi: Daughter of Hitimbi.

Elder McKinley: One of the Missionaries who were sent to the village prior to Price and Cunningham.

Traditional shows of the Book of Mormon:

Eugene O'Neill Theatre saw the premiere of the Broadway production of the Book of Mormon. The musical was performed in Denver at The Denver Center for Performing Arts in 2012. Bank of America Theatre in Chicago also showed the musical in December 2012. The West End production of the Book of Mormon was premiered at the Prince of Wales Theatre.

Would it be advisable for you to SEE IT?

As soon as the musical was premiered, it garnered a broad critical praise. It has been nominated for and won several awards. The musical is really hilarious and it can be considered to be one of the funniest musicals produced by Broadway. For those who love comedy, the Book of Mormon is the best thing they can see at a theater. According to the New York Post, the audience was sore from laughing. What makes it really great and an awesome musical is that there is focus on all the aspects of the musical. Not only the comedy but the other factors, the songs, the music, the plot and the acting are all done so neatly and so perfectly that you can't help loving it. In the musical, they do make fun of the religion but that is not done in any harassing manner so you will only enjoy it.

But still it may offend some religious people who cannot bear or tolerate any such behavior towards religion. Moreover the cast members selected for every show are very fine actors and give their best. As it does not contain any bawdy jokes so children may be taken, but they may find it boring. So it is upto you.

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