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The Lion King

An overview of the story:

The Lion King, as the name implies, is a musical that tells the story of Simba, a cub, who wishes to become the King of the area like his father. He makes friends in the Jungle and as he grows up, his father is killed by his uncle who wishes to take the throne and become king himself. Simba is enraged at this and is determined to avenge his father’s death and take what rightfully belongs to him. There are various other characters in the story. Some of them help Simba while others try to resist him against his treacherous uncle. Will he be able to avenge his father or will he end up just like him?


The protagonist of the play. A cub who aspires to become the king of Pride Lands.

Father of Simba and the King of Pride Lands.

Brother of Mufasa and Uncle of Simba. Hates Simba and Mufasa and wishes to get the throne.

A friend of Simba with whom he spent his childhood.

A mandrill who looks after Simba as he grows up. Very wise and a good friend of Mufasa and Simba.

A friend of Simba and Pumbaa. The three often hang out together.

A friend of Simba and Timon. The three often hang out together.

A hornbill who manages the affairs for Mufasa and Simba. Can be considered to be there personal manager.

One of the followers and side-kicks of Scar. Very confident and very witty.

One of the followers and side-kicks of Scar. Rushes into fights quickly.

One of the followers and side-kicks of Scar. Often laughs in a strange manner.

Mother of Simba and wife of Mufasa.

Traditional shows:

The first premiere of the Lion King was at the Orpheum Theatre. It enjoyed great reception and the Broadway production made its premeire very next month at the New Amsterdam theatre. In 2006, the performances of the musical began at the Minskoff Theatre and up till now, it has become the Broadway’s first show to gross $853.8 million.

The West End production of the Lion King made its performance at the Lyceum Theatre in 1999.

Would it be advisable for you to SEE IT?

This show is one of the most interesting show of all times. It is equally intimidating for children, teenagers and adults. The fact that this musical is the highest grossing musical of Broadway reflects how much popular it is. More than fifteen years have passed since its premiere and it is still loved by the fans around the world. If you get the chance to catch the musical at the theatre, do not ever miss it.

As it is the most favorite tragic story for children as well as adults, so anyone can watch it and adults can have a glance at their past. The musical numbers may even make you cry. So overall the show is worth watching.

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